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My name is Felicia amanambu. I am the Chair for a non profit call Georgia Restorative Pathways Inc.
Our mission is helping incarcerated clients to do the best and be a better citizen, and get back to the Community. We have had few success stories. Most of them are wonderful people that have made mistakes, and we want to give them another Chance. They first go to Transitional home, and then Rehab, and we always try our best to mentor, find them meetings to go to, and get them back to TRACK.
We Love them where ever and condition that we meet them. We do not judge or criticize them,but Love them and help them back to normal.

We are looking for volunters that will help with finding a very good Rehab. We follow up with their Rehabs, and after our Rehab Reentry of what next, We encouraged them to learn a skill. most are professional we encourage them and they always go back to their skills. Most of them are wonderful people.

Please we are looking for wonderful volunteers that can help us find a good rehab, We need volunteers that can help us do funding raising to help pay for their Rehabs,

Please come join us. My number is 770 8533468.or email me at adaaguofodile@gmail,com. Our website is