Devereux Georgia Advanced Behavioral Health



Devereux Georgia is a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents which focuses on research-based prevention initiatives that help them develop resilience and strong emotional and social health, so they may lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our continuum of care includes a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF/hospital), Specialty Foster Care Program, and AdvancED-Accredited School.  The PRTF treats youth who are experiencing severe emotional/behavioral challenges brought on by abuse, neglect, mental illness, sexual exploitation and intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Our Specialty Foster Care Program provides training to foster parents to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of youth in a supportive family setting until the natural family can be reunited or permanency through adoption can be achieved.  With our help, youth develop the competency and confidence to achieve once-unthinkable goals such as literacy, graduation from high school, or the acquisition of basic job readiness skills to become successful and productive members of our community.

Sustainable Development Goals
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